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Chicken Licken Menu Prices South Africa 2024 ❤️

Chicken Licken Advert Menu Hours Near Me Locations

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Chicken Licken Advert-Chicken Licken, the popular South African fast-food chain, has always been known for its creative and unique advertising campaigns. In its latest advert, Chicken Licken has taken a bold and unconventional approach, creating a commercial that is both memorable and thought-provoking.

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Chicken Licken Advert

The commercial then cuts to footage of Chicken Licken restaurants, with happy customers enjoying their meals. “At Chicken Licken, we believe in choice,” the voiceover says. “We believe that everyone should be able to choose what they eat, and how it’s prepared.”

Chicken Licken Advert Near Me

Chicken Licken Hours

Days Time
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Chicken Licken Advert Menu

Hot Wings

Menu Item Price (R)
6 Hotwings 35.9
12 Hotwings 65.9
24 Hotwings 119.9
36 Hotwings 170.9


Chicken Meals

Menu Item Price (R)
8 Hotwings® + toast + 300ml Coke 66.9
8 Hotwings® + toast + 440ml Coke 69.9
2 pieces + toast + 300ml Coke 55.9
2 pieces + toast + 440ml Coke 58.9


Soul Food Specials

Menu Item Price (R)
8 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken Loafs
6 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken Loafs
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries 40.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries™ + 300ml Coke 51.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries™ + 440ml Coke 55.9
16 Hotwings + 2 regular Soul Fries 94.9
10 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries 59.9
3 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 sachet SoulFire sauce 43.9
3 pieces SoulFire chicken + a portion of Soul Fries + 1 sachet SoulFire sauce
6 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 regular Soul Fries + 2 sachets SoulFire sauce
12 Hotwings + 4 Sliders + 2 regular Soul Fries 103.9
Love Me Tender Burger + a regular Soul Fries + 2 Hotwings + 440ml Coke


Soulsister Specials

Menu Item Price (R)
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries 35.9
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 300ml Coke
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 440ml Coke
4 pieces + 1 regular Soul Fries 64.9
5 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries 84.9

Chicken Licken Advert

Just Chicken Licken

Menu Item Price (R)
1 piece chicken 18.9
2 piece chicken 29.9
3 piece chicken 45.9
4 piece chicken 58.9
5 piece chicken 70.9
6 piece chicken 82.9
9 piece chicken 124.9
15 piece chicken 198.9
21 piece chicken 266.9


Easy Bucks Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
2 Original Sliders + a portion of Soul Fries 26
Popcorn Chicken in a shaker cup 26
4 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries 26
2 Hotwings + a Slider + a portion of Soul Fries 26

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken Burger Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
Double Chicken Boerie Burger 31.9
Love Me Tender Burger 32.9
Love Me Tender Cheeseburger 34.9
Love Me Hot Burger 32.9
Love Me Hot Cheeseburger 34.9
Big John Burger 34.9
Double Chicken Boerie Burger Meal 49.9
Love Me Tender Burger Meal 55.9
Love Me Tender Cheeseburger Meal
Love Me Hot Burger Meal 55.9
Love Me Hot Cheeseburger Meal 57.9
Big John Burger Meal 55.9



Menu Item Price (R)
1 Original Slider 13.9
2 Original Slider 26.9
4 Original Slider 50.9
1 Cheese Slider 15.9
2 Cheese Slider 30.9
4 Cheese Slider 54.9


Menu Item Price (R)
Regular Soul Fries 11.9
Medium Soul Fries 20.9
Large Soul Fries 31.9
2 Chicken loafs 13
Soulfire Bottle 21.9
3 Soulfire Sachets 3
Regular Soulslaw 8.9
Large Soulslaw 16.9
Regular Achaar 9.9
Large Achaar 19.9
Regular Tomato Salsa 9.9
Large Tomato Salsa 19.9

Chicken Licken Secret Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
Cheesewich 28.9
Cheesewich Meal 41.9
Chicwich 34.9
Chicwich Meal 49.9
S’Dumo Burger Meal 33.9

Desserts & Drinks

Menu Item Price (R)
Kreemy Cyclone 28.9
Mini Cycole 22.9
Cool Cone Choc 9.9
Sundae Lick’n 22.9
Cool Cone 6.9
Bonaqua 16.9
Double Thick Shake 18.9
300ml Can 16.9
440ml Bottle 18.9
300ml Liqui Fruit 17.9


The advert’s message is clear: Chicken Licken is a fast-food chain that puts choice and quality first. By choosing Chicken Licken, customers are not only choosing delicious food, but they are also choosing to support a company that values animal welfare and ethical food production.

The unique approach of the advert has already generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many people praising Chicken Licken for taking a stance on an important issue. By using humour and a touch of satire, the advert manages to be both entertaining and thought-provoking and is sure to be remembered for a long time to come.


Q1: What is Chicken Licken?

A: Chicken Licken is a South African fast-food chain that specializes in fried chicken and other fast-food items.

Q2: Why are Chicken Licken adverts so popular?

A: Chicken Licken adverts are known for their unique and creative approach, often using humor and satire to convey their message. This makes them stand out from other advertising campaigns and helps them to capture the attention of viewers.

Q3: What types of advertising channels does Chicken Licken use?

A: Chicken Licken uses a variety of advertising channels to promote its products, including television, radio, billboards, social media, and in-store marketing.

Q4: What is the message of the latest Chicken Licken advert?

A: The latest Chicken Licken advert promotes the idea of choice and ethical food production. It features a chicken crossing a busy road and asks viewers to consider what choices the chicken has in terms of how it is raised and prepared for consumption. The advert then highlights Chicken Licken’s commitment to ethical food production and the importance of giving customers the choice of what they eat.

Q5: Does Chicken Licken have vegetarian or vegan options?

A: Yes, Chicken Licken offers a vegetarian burger that is made with a vegetable patty and comes with toppings and fries. However, at the moment, Chicken Licken does not have vegan options.

Q6: Are the prices listed in the Chicken Licken advert menu the same at all locations?

A: Prices may vary by location and are subject to change. It is best to check with your local Chicken Licken restaurant for their latest menu and pricing information.

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