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Chicken Licken Menu Prices South Africa 2024 ❤️

Chicken Licken Kimberley Menu Hours Near Me Locations

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Chicken Licken Kimberley – Chicken Licken is well known as a favourite nonfast-food franchise in South Africa, nearly renowned for its delicious fried chicken and tasty signature hot sauce. Nevertheless, the Chicken Licken location in Kimberley sets itself apart from the remainder, with its unique interior and quirky character.

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Chicken Licken Kimberley

Located on the bustling Long Street in the heart of Kimberley, this Chicken Licken restaurant is housed in a historic building that dates back to the early 1900s. The building has been lovingly restored and renovated, with the original wooden floors, exposed brick walls, and high ceilings adding to its character and charm.

What sets this Chicken Licken restaurant apart from others is its unusual décor. The walls are adorned with brightly coloured murals of chickens wearing sunglasses and bandanas, while the ceilings are covered in colourful streamers and fairy lights. The furniture is a mishmash of vintage and modern pieces, with cosy booths and mismatched chairs adding to the eclectic vibe.

Chicken Licken Kimberley Menu

Hot Wings

Menu Item Price (R)
6 Hotwings 35.9
12 Hotwings 65.9
24 Hotwings 119.9
36 Hotwings 170.9


Chicken Meals

Menu Item Price (R)
8 Hotwings® + toast + 300ml Coke 66.9
8 Hotwings® + toast + 440ml Coke 69.9
2 pieces + toast + 300ml Coke 55.9
2 pieces + toast + 440ml Coke 58.9

Chicken Licken Kimberley

Soul Food Specials

Menu Item Price (R)
8 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken Loafs
6 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken Loafs
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries 40.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries™ + 300ml Coke 51.9
6 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries™ + 440ml Coke 55.9
16 Hotwings + 2 regular Soul Fries 94.9
10 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries 59.9
3 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 sachet SoulFire sauce 43.9
3 pieces SoulFire chicken + a portion of Soul Fries + 1 sachet SoulFire sauce
6 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 regular Soul Fries + 2 sachets SoulFire sauce
12 Hotwings + 4 Sliders + 2 regular Soul Fries 103.9
Love Me Tender Burger + a regular Soul Fries + 2 Hotwings + 440ml Coke


Soulsister Specials

Menu Item Price (R)
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries 35.9
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 300ml Coke
2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 440ml Coke
4 pieces + 1 regular Soul Fries 64.9
5 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries 84.9

Just Chicken Licken

Menu Item Price (R)
1 piece chicken 18.9
2 piece chicken 29.9
3 piece chicken 45.9
4 piece chicken 58.9
5 piece chicken 70.9
6 piece chicken 82.9
9 piece chicken 124.9
15 piece chicken 198.9
21 piece chicken 266.9


Easy Bucks Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
2 Original Sliders + a portion of Soul Fries 26
Popcorn Chicken in a shaker cup 26
4 Hotwings + a portion of Soul Fries 26
2 Hotwings + a Slider + a portion of Soul Fries 26


Chicken Licken Burger Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
Double Chicken Boerie Burger 31.9
Love Me Tender Burger 32.9
Love Me Tender Cheeseburger 34.9
Love Me Hot Burger 32.9
Love Me Hot Cheeseburger 34.9
Big John Burger 34.9
Double Chicken Boerie Burger Meal 49.9
Love Me Tender Burger Meal 55.9
Love Me Tender Cheeseburger Meal
Love Me Hot Burger Meal 55.9
Love Me Hot Cheeseburger Meal 57.9
Big John Burger Meal 55.9



Menu Item Price (R)
1 Original Slider 13.9
2 Original Slider 26.9
4 Original Slider 50.9
1 Cheese Slider 15.9
2 Cheese Slider 30.9
4 Cheese Slider 54.9


Menu Item Price (R)
Regular Soul Fries 11.9
Medium Soul Fries 20.9
Large Soul Fries 31.9
2 Chicken loafs 13
Soulfire Bottle 21.9
3 Soulfire Sachets 3
Regular Soulslaw 8.9
Large Soulslaw 16.9
Regular Achaar 9.9
Large Achaar 19.9
Regular Tomato Salsa 9.9
Large Tomato Salsa 19.9

Chicken Licken Secret Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
Cheesewich 28.9
Cheesewich Meal 41.9
Chicwich 34.9
Chicwich Meal 49.9
S’Dumo Burger Meal 33.9

Desserts & Drinks

Menu Item Price (R)
Kreemy Cyclone 28.9
Mini Cycole 22.9
Cool Cone Choc 9.9
Sundae Lick’n 22.9
Cool Cone 6.9
Bonaqua 16.9
Double Thick Shake 18.9
300ml Can 16.9
440ml Bottle 18.9
300ml Liqui Fruit


The menu at Chicken Licken Kimberley is just as unique as its décor. In addition to the classic fried chicken, the restaurant also serves a range of burgers, wraps, and sides, all of which are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the “Hot Wings Challenge,” where diners are challenged to eat a plate of spicy wings in under five minutes.

Chicken Licken Near Me – Kimberley

But what really sets Chicken Licken in Kimberley apart is its community involvement. The restaurant regularly hosts events and fundraisers for local charities and organizations and is a hub for community gatherings and celebrations.

Overall, Chicken Licken is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that offers delicious food, quirky décor, and a strong sense of community. If you’re ever in the area, it’s definitely worth stopping by for a bite to eat and a dose of unique charm.

Chicken Licken Kimberley Hours

Days Time
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Q1: What are the operating hours of Chicken Licken Kimberley?

A: The operating hours may vary depending on the location, but most Chicken Licken Kimberley are open from around 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week.

Q2: Does Chicken Licken in Kimberley offer delivery services?

A: Yes, Chicken Licken in Kimberley offers delivery services for their menu items. Customers can order through the Chicken Licken website or app, or by calling their local outlet.

Q3: Are there any promotions or discounts available at Chicken Licken in Kimberley?

A: Yes, Chicken Licken in Kimberley often runs promotions and discounts on their menu items. These may vary depending on the location and time of year, so it’s best to check their website or social media pages for the latest deals.

Q4: Does Chicken Licken in Kimberley have any vegetarian or halal options?

A: Chicken Licken in Kimberley primarily serves chicken-based dishes, but they do offer some vegetarian options like fries and coleslaw. They also have a halal-certified menu for customers who prefer halal food.

Q5: Can I make reservations or book a table at Chicken Licken in Kimberley?

A: Chicken Licken in Kimberley is primarily a fast-food restaurant, so they don’t usually take reservations or bookings for tables. However, customers can call ahead to check for availability during peak hours.

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